About Us

There is a place nestling in the shadows of mountains where you can hear the ancestors drumming beneath its waters at night.

A body of water so sacred it is looked after by the Vhatavhatsindi, the People of the Pool, and guarded over by the python god who reigns nearby.

That ecological treasure, the only lake in the world known to have been formed by a cataclysmic landslide millions of years ago, is called Fundudzi.

It is the place which inspired the formation of Africa’s foremost ethical and sustainable label, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs, in 2004.

Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs has humbly, proudly and determinedly celebrated artisanship through carefully crafted garments and accessories which serve as a conduit to tell African stories.


Fundudzi is Modern. Meaningful. Inimitably African.